Do not know where to celebrate the New Year?

December 10, 2017

Then we will help you and share the secret places of the most unusual winter holiday. You definitely will not forget this holiday, if you visit one of these incredibly original hotels in the spirit of modernity. You have the choice of even the most prejudiced taste, you can feel yourself in space, on another planet, under the earth, in a needle, or under the ocean, and it’s not up…


UFO landed in Brazil: researchers study the landing site

November 10, 2017

An interesting incident occurred in the south of Brazil near the city of Peruib. October 7, because of the shredded grass measuring 13 by 2 meters, a strange mark appeared. Supposedly, it was left after landing by an unidentified flying statement. The city authorities could not allow to go to him. Only on October 19, the researchers were allowed to work at the scene. They found a patch of vegetation…


The Mass Media called the real reason for the hospitalization of the duchess. Is that true

September 18, 2017

Recently, the Mass Media is constantly raising alarming headlines about the health of Kate Middleton, which is extremely worried about her fans. The Duchess of Cambridge very rarely appears in public now and once even spent the whole day in the hospital. The reason for the hospitalization was not disclosed, but there were rumors that she was treated for an eating disorder… VIEW PHOTOS (5)