Bunkers that will help restore life on Earth in the event of the end of the world

Every day, something threatens our planet. Scientists all over the world tirelessly continue to prepare for the apocalypse, despite the fact that from their lips there always sound optimistic statements about this. Developed secret projects that will be able to revive life, if the end of the world does happen. We have compiled for you a list of “storerooms of the day of judgment”. Let’s start with a bunker located in Norway, in which the seeds of all plants are able to feed us. Thanks to a special treatment, their shelf life is increased many times. There are about 1 million such samples in this bunker. This “greenhouse” was once used: in 2014 in Syria, due to military actions, the local seed storage was damaged, it was from Norway that plants were brought for the restoration of nature. The second ” storeroom of the day of judgment” is also located in Norway on the Spitsbergen archipelago. It stores electronic information about everything that exists. After the announcement that the end of the world will come in 2012, influential politicians began to build their bomb shelters. Similar to such facilities was built by the American company “Sdoor”… (read more)