Behavior of Volochkova provoked scandal in a plane

The famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova was in the center of the scandal because of her behavior in the plane during the flight from Krasnodar to Moscow. Passengers flying along with the celebrity were outraged by the actions of the star, who violated the rules of baggage transportation, deciding to take with her dozens of huge bouquets presented to her after the performance in Krasnodar. Therefore, according to the rules of this air carrier, as a carry-on bag, a passenger can carry things if they are with him: a bag with a volume of 40x25x20 cm and a bouquet of flowers. However, the ballerina drew into the cabin of the liner a whole bunch of flowers that were placed on the seats and luggage racks. The act of Volochkova and the inaction of the workers of the air harbor angered the passengers. Many passengers drew attention to the fact that their suitcases before landing are measured, but for “impudent Volochkova rules are not written?”… (read more)