At 50 like at 35 years old: how the stars actually look

“If you do not look at your 45+, like Sharon Stone – then you’re just lazy and do not cares about your appearance.” Recently, we hear more and more reproaches of this kind and, we are very upset: Well, in fact, if Sharon can, why cannot I? Why is she sex bomb in her almost 60 not subject to age, and my almost 40 – here they are, every year on my face? Moreover, which of the stars do not ask about the secret of eternal youth, they will reply: I drink a lot of water, do yoga and wash off makeup for the night, and I do not know what plastic surgery is. We do not claim that the stars are lying. Yoga, water, reasonable self-restraint – it is all fine. Moreover, in plastic surgery there is nothing shameful… (read more)



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