68-year-old Richard Gere married with a 34-year-old sweetheart Alejandra Silva

Richard Gere was married twice – and both are on the most beautiful women: supermodel Cindy Crawford and “James Bond girl”, actress CaryLowell. And now the hero of “Beauty” seems to have gathered under the crown for the third time. According to Western media, a 68-year-old Hollywood actor made an offer to his girlfriend, a Spanish journalist and human rights defender Alejandra Silva. The bride is exactly twice younger than the groom (her 34), but the age difference does not stop them: the couple has been together for three years. To meet with Alejandra Gere began, not having issued a divorce with his second wife Cary Lowell. And now he is ready for a new marriage. About the matrimonial plans of lovers, the journalists guessed by noticing on the finger of Alejandra an engagement ring. A new decoration of the Spaniard lit during a charity dinner in Milan. Ring – a classic wedding: in white gold, with a large diamond, on the ring finger. Neither Gere nor Silva comment on their plans for the future, so it remains only to guess when their wedding will take place.