5 Facts About Olive Oil That Will Surprise You

What is the best olive oil?

The best olive oil is the oil first cold pressed (Extra Virgin). This unrefined olive oil, which has not undergone any heat treatment, and therefore retained the maximum of useful substances.

The main indicator of the quality of olive oil is its acidity.

High oil (Extra Virgin) should have the acidity of no more than 0.8%.

Oil with acidity less than 0.5% in the Mediterranean is considered to be curative.

The quality of olive oil also affects its grade. The best is oil with special marking P.D.O. (Mark of protected origin), which is made from olives grown in a particular area. All of the oil production process is carried out on-site collection of raw materials. This oil has a unique flavor and aroma.

Oil marked «Bio» or «Organic» means that the olives have been harvested in the plantations with such markings. This means that you get an organic product according to the strict requirements of the system, among which is included the rejection of the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, growth regulators and genetic engineering techniques.