5 Best Ski Resort Places

2. Sälen, SWEDEN

940x705_1_1d7c8079f8785bfc9323d6afaa087463@940x705_0xc0a839a4_15083733041484062498Not the most obvious at first glance, a variant, however, he becomes recently more and more popular. The complex consists of four Sälen ski village: Tandadalen, Lindvallen, Hogfollet and Hundfollet. Trails for the last three of their flatness are more suitable for novice snowboarders and skiers. Trails Tandadalena considered more difficult: here is one of the most difficult ski routes in Scandinavia under the name of “The Wall”. In his free time riding on Selena resorts Scuba fishing, arrange snowmobile safaris or dogsled, as well as to test for original entertainment – ice karting.

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