New Winter Coat Trends 2019

Thaw, not warm one though

Warm winter weather allows us to revile little easy things, actively combining and combining them with more warm clothes. For example, if the street is a bright sun is shining and the temperature does not fall below -3-5 * C, it can afford to put on a light dress, “insulate” and throwing his cardigan on top of a winter coat, jacket or coat.

And to such an image look modern, is on his feet shod massive ski boots or deliberately rough boots on a high heel wide. The image immediately lose undue summer lightness and acquire peculiar to this time of year “down to earth”. The same can be done with T-shirts and lightweight blouses. They become excellent base for a dress, a safe shelter from the cold and warm volumetric jumper large scarf. This outfit is in harmony with the slightly worn and shapeless jeans. In the rain and slush along this requires a fashionable and practical footwear: rubber boots. Fashion bow a la Kate Moss get a combination of several elements of street fashion this year: thick tights or leggings, denim shorts with a ragged edge and suddenly cheerful rubber boots incredible colors: polka dots, flowers, “ladybugs” and even light pink shade.