Why is Anastasia Samburskaya not lucky in her personal life?

The star of the TV series Univer Anastasia Samburskaya is completely different from her colleagues: rough, impudent and straightforward. This is the girl who can put in place any person, it does not matter whether it’s a man or a woman. At the same time, Nastya is a very hidden person. But we managed to get information about her personal life. As is known this autumn, the actress married actor Cyril Dytsevich, and in December they left. Despite the uncomfortable nature of the girl, this did not cause their divorce. In love, Cyril at first did not pay attention to the fact that Samburskaya earns many times more than he does. After all, she is now a very popular person in the cinema, in theaters and in various advertising projects. As a result, financial solvency did not suit Anastasia, now she knows for sure that she needs a man of the same level of income as she is… (read more)



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