The fans are shocked! Who sings instead Adele?

Recently on the web a video was published where it is heard that with slow playback, Adel’s voice is very much like the voice of Sam Smith. On the roller, the experiment is conducted over a plate where the singer’s song “Hello” sounds. It is impossible to say who actually performs the composition in the video, while no one can. However, the similarity of voices is noticeable. Commentators were also divided into two camps. Someone took the video for a joke and cheered, and someone even thought that Adele and Sam are one person. Fans even managed to make a mem on the “similarity” of Sam and Adele. In the Russian show business, there was already a similar situation, and then Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin were caught. With the slow reproduction of their compositions, the voices of the spouses merged into one… (read more)




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