Key Ways To Make Small Room Look Bigger

The 21st century is full of challenges and difficulties that normal people should cope with. Most of citizens cannot afford big size houses, flats or apartments, and they have to choose small size rooms in order to save some money for more important things. Other people just prefer small space, though they can afford big and luxurious houses and apartments. Third group are just exhausted with running around the big houses and therefore choose small places. The main thing is that there is nothing bad in small places, but you should do everything to transform your small room into a “bigger”. In this article, we will consider the key ways to make small flat look bigger. Here we go!



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  1. Oh plaster walls… the bane of a deocartors existance lol.I have to say, I did use the 3M command picture hanger strips – they are kind of strange in that its like a plastic velcro type of material. I put 4 strips on a big 16×20 framed picture – and its been up, on my textured plaster wall for about 3 months now.

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