Alisa Vox told about harassment in the group Leningrad

Alisa Voks, a former soloist of the Leningrad band, gave a press conference in which she described her work after parting with Sergei Shnurov. According to Alisa Voks, she was faced with incorrect behavior from her colleagues, Starchit reported. A certain fleur of constant harassment, scabrous jokes in Leningrad was and is after me, I’m sure in it. “It’s impossible to abstract from it, it’s very annoying when, for example, the director of the group calls to you and says: “Alis, Seryoga waits you in his room – put on black underwear and get up. “And you’re sitting in your room and you think:” Is it was just a joke about it? “This was the end of my work in the group Leningrad”… (read more)



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