Review Of Top 3 Love Stories In 2016

The separation of the two public people is invariably accompanied by the drama. The situation is only exacerbated when between former lovers another celebrity comes, his appearance glowing passion to the limit. Three loud love story from our view is a true proof of that.

Jennifer Lopez – Marc Anthony – Rihanna – Drake


The news of the novel 47-year-old Jennifer Lopez and 30-year-old Drake was the most tidbits as the curtain fell in 2016. The reason for the discussion was not only a serious difference in the age of love, but also the reaction of their former enthusiasm for new musicians. After J. Lo posted in Instagram sharing photos with a new boyfriend, less than an hour, as it Rihanna followed. Barbados beauty and then attributed to an affair with Drake, but their relationship has not received an official status. 28-year-old singer was flattered by the attention and adoration of long-term by the rapper, whom she has long kept on the bench. According to insiders, after learning about the novel Lopez and Drake, Riri fumed and raged: all that she can think of right now – how to get the location of the former fan.